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Absolutely. We use authentic marketing techniques to deliver quality growth and followers to your account. We work well within the limits of Instagram and do everything possible to ensure that your account is both safe and secure while using Instamaster, LLC.

Unlike a majority of other services out there, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or you don’t pay. If you aren’t happy with the growth results after 7 days you are entitled to a full refund.

No. Your followers will be entirely living, breathing humans with actual flesh and blood and brains. Every single person who follows you actively chooses to, because we only target people who would actually like your brand and the content you post.

If you only have 200 followers now, you’ll still start getting followers within two weeks, but it will take a while to get your account warmed up. You can expect several hundred followers a month until you’ve built up a solid following. Then getting thousands of monthly followers gets easier and easier

You don’t need to post a ton to get a lot of followers, but the more quality content you post, the better results you’ll likely see. If you’ve posted one image and are never active, it’s harder for us to generate results. Remember, these are real people deciding whether or not to follow you back, so you’ll need to have some content for them to engage with.

You’ll start gaining followers within two weeks, sometimes right away.

Yes! Just look at our case studies. We’ve helped tons of companies scale profits and become industry leaders. Again, your followers are actual humans. We don’t just get you followers, we build you a global fanbase on Instagram. There are plenty of ways to profit, it’s just up to your creativity. You can sell products to your following directly, or leverage your influence to land brand sponsorships, impress potential clients, and stand out in your industry.

You will gain followers. Period. We guarantee your follower count increases within two weeks, or you get your money back.

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